As I’m not ready with the next part of my analysis of the YouTube/LiveVideo tempest-in-a-teapot, I’m sharing something completely different: my commute to RIT. Winter has come to Rochester. Today it was 11 degrees (Fahrenheit) out when I left the house. Over the last few days we’ve been getting a lot of snow. I’m not quite sure what possessed me, but I decided to (carefully) document my drive to work. So from time to time I would rest my digital camera on the steering wheel and take a photo.

As an experiment, I’ve taken all of these pictures, placed them on flickr and geotagged them. The result, you can track my commute. The location of the photos are pretty much dead on. In fact, the act of placing them was really interesting in and of itself. Doing so caused me to relate to my picture, my commute, and the locations I pass by in a very different way.

What’s your commute look like?

Here’s the first picture, 12 more follow after the jump.

Winters Day 2: Driving to Work - Approaching 4 corners in Penfield

Winters Day 3: Driving to Work - Penfield - Approaching Panorama

Winter's Drive: Past Panorama Plaza

Winter's Drive: The no-draft bridge

Winter's Drive: 490 to 590

<Winter's Drive: The 490, 590 Interchange in Rochester

Winter's Drive: 590 S towards RIT

Winter's Drive: Off of 390, heading towards West Henrietta

Winter's Drive: At West Henrietta Rd

Winter's Drive: Across W. Henrietta and onto East River Rd

Winter's Drive: Passing by the Genesee Valley Golf Course

Winter's Drive: Along side the Genesee River on E. River Road

Winter's Drive: Aproaching the Railroad Crossing

Winter's Drive: On the RIT campus and looking for parking

Winter's Walk: Out of the car and heading to campus

Winter's Walk: Getting closer to Building 7

Winter's Walk: In the building 7 breezeway, time to go inside


A map of my commute
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