I am finding that I need to learn to retype again. The left middle finger has no feeling in its tip (actually in the entire highlighted area) and my left hand isn’t letting it play in the typing games. That’s causing me to get cramps from the weird contortions that the hand is making to work around the finger.

So this four fingered typing isn’t a viable long term solution. I’m working on getting the hand to “trust” the finger again. It’s tremendously slowing down my WPM. I’m basically having to relearn how to touch type with one finger that doesn’t give a lot of feedback about it’s relative positioning.

It’s really strange to have to struggle at typing after so long. And it’s a lesson about how much we sub-consciously rely on senses, like touch, to orient us in the word. This is such a little injury but its taking me a while to adjust to. I can’t imagine what its like for people who suffer major trauma.

For those interested, there are more healing pictures of the finger after the jump. It’s not gory this time. I promise.



As you can see, there’s a lot of scarring. And now it’s really clear how far the blade went through the finger (I have X-Rays as well, I just need to get around to scanning them). Pretty much everything at and above the scarring is numb.


The nail is thankfully growing in fine. It still has a ways to go. But what you can really see looking at the back of the finger is the loss of tissue on the left side of the finger. That little “bite” will probably never grow back. :-(