I’m right now getting breakfast at the Artisan Cafe in Trumasburg, the best french bakery I’ve discovered outside of Hyde Park Chicago, and trying to recover from the last twelve hours or so. Yesterday I attended an excellent (and slightly mindbending) anthro colloquium at Cornell. After it I was cohost of this year’s first grad student run potluck dinner (a Cornell Anthro tradition). After watching the debates and cleaning after the shin-dig, I had a second wind and hopped into my car for a trip back to Rochester.

So far, so good…

Or so I thought. Then my clutch died in the middle of nowhere on Route 89. At midnight. In a zone with no cell reception. At all.

I did the smart thing, and stayed with the car. And a sheriff finally came by. At 6am. Oy.

So I’m a bit bleary eye’d. Thankfully, the coffee is helping tremendously.