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Ok, so basically there are two types of people in the world… those people whose pets are safe on Halloween, and people like us

A Pair of Devils - Dre and Rita Mae

My two devils

Real quick (some day soon I’ll have enough time to post a longer blog), I’ve updated Renaissance Martial Arts website with new information, including the full schedule and information about the first day of classes (Nov 4th!).

I’ve also gotten pictures from the first day of the Martial Arts Festival up. So you can see some awesome shots of Kali, Hung Gar and other martial arts in action. Check ’em out here.

Other than that I wish I had enough time to pull a Halloween costume together, but that didn’t happen this year. :-(

It’s been a little while. It’s not that life has been super, super crazy, but I just haven’t had the time and/or energy to blog. But that’s over and I’m back to bloggin’. I just wish I had something to write. There is a bunch of stuff floating around my head, but nothing is quite ready yet to spring out onto the page.

Well there is Halloween. The handsome devil on the left is me in my conceptual costume “Mummy in Paradise” (sometimes also refered to as “Mummy on Vacation”). That’s about 200ft of muslin I’m wrapped in. I learned a lot about creating Mummy costumes. Like you really should secure the wrappings to the undergarment so halfway through the night you don’t become “Mummy with wrappings around his ankle.” Still the costume seemed to be a big hit at both Abby and Aaron’s Parties. I however decided to go with a more traditional vampire costume for the Halloween celebration.

In other news, my computer is sorta back up and running. Unfortunately I’m discovering that I threw out a bunch of install disks accidently, so I’m trying to scape together a bunch of installers. The other big news is this weekend I’ll not only be seeing Henry Rollins but I’ll also be purchasing a Turkey Fryer. More on both soon…

… I promise!…