A few years ago while I was at the University of Chicago, I was walking home in Hyde Park when I saw a cat approaching me from an alley. At least I thought it was a cat. As it got bigger and bigger and bigger, I began to think “that’s a funny looking cat… wait a sec…??!!” And with that I got out of the way (and thankfully wasn’t shiv’d) by a huge South-Side raccoon.

Since I’ve been here at Cornell, I’ve run into lots of fauna — deer, rabbits, woodpeckers —but nothing to topped the raccoon-run in… until last night. So walking home from giving a final exam, I ran across another “funny looking cat…”

[Cornell Skunk 1][Cornell Skunk 2][Skunk 3]

I think we both were scared of each other. Luckily, Skunks reserve their spray for bigger threats than the likes of me.

Still realizing what was in front of me when I was less than four feet away from it caused me to jump out of the way and literally say “I’m sorry… I’m sorry” while it was hissing at me. Thankfully, it accepted my apology and let me snap these pictures.