So this is really cool. I am actually speaking this blog using my new copy of the Dragon software’s SpeakingNaturally. My hope is that I’ll be able to use the software to maximize my drives between Rochester and Ithaca. If everything works out I’ll use the software to write papers on the road, or atleast, the occasional blog entry.

The speech recognition is actually pretty good, and it’s supposed to get better the more they use the program. Unfortunately, the automatic punctuation needs a little work.

Today is just the day of voice recognition I also tried a new free service called Jott that allows you to call into a phone number and speak a message that will be translated to your blog or twitter feed. This morning I posted a tweet using the jot service, and it came out okay. I also tried to post an entry to the blog, but that didn’t work out – not sure why.

This is like Star Trek – “content” to just say computer, but it’s not quite that good yet (example, in that last sentance it somehow “I am tempted” turned into “content”). Still, it’s a pretty good start.

ps. points to whoever can identify what the seemingly nonsequiter subject has to do with this blog — and no googling!