While it doesn’t take Florida into account I can’t wait for the speeches to see how close they were.

I can’t say how enthused I am about the election and the “collective kick in the butt” it’s giving us as a nation. Of course if they don’t resolve things soon the media blitz will probably shoot us as a country right past action and into the waiting hands of apathy.

Also I’m disappointed in all of this coverage that no one has made a ha-do that Mel Carnahan won the senate seat in Missouri. Only in America can the dead vote and hold office. *Cringe* Sorry for the tasteless of that comment. If someone dies in office there is a run off to figure out who will take his or her seat (see Sony Bono). However if someone dies and wins an election the governor of the state, not the people choose the person to sit in their place. Isn’t that remotely disturbing?

Oh yeah what hasn’t been disturbing so far? Isn’t it great? ;-)