… at least according to CNN and I have to marvel at this election. It’s a bittersweet mix. I had really hoped that the Green Party might have raised enough votes to bring another potential 3rd party into the mix. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be. I’m rather depressed at the late vote switching that was going on. There’s a great Chinese phrase “Eat Bitter”; it’s the concept that one must be able to endure pain to accomplish a task. If people are truly committed to the idea of a multi party system, they need to be prepared to endure pain for it to come to pass.

This entire Florida situation is amazing. To think that after being told by mainstream media that people were at an apathetic peak, we would be shown such a lesson in the power of the voter. I’d like to think that this could help rekindle a spark of hope. If not in the political system at least in the role of the individual in the selection of government offices.

As for the political system, I can’t ring myself to believe that the closeness of this race is because the country has become so internally divided. Personally I chalk it up to the sad lack of choices in candidate. Which to start a circular argument goes back to the two party system that has a grip on this country. See above :-P