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My Debate Command Station

My Debate Command Station

Some might be asking “What’s up with this post….” My PhD work is in the area of Journalism and live blogging debates is something that amateurs and pros alike have been doing this US Presidential Cycle. So, livin’ the anthropologist’s life, I thought I’d give it a try.

It’s not as easy as it looks. In fact, Twittering is much easier that trying to write anything substantive. This, believe it or not, was better than my first, unpublished attempt during the VP debate. Balancing watching, thinking, typing, and keeping watching is a lot harder than it seems. So without further adieu, my rather weak ramblings on the proceedings:

  • 10.34 pm — Gotta love what happens when the candidates block the teleprompter. And we go to hand shaking…
  • 10.24 pm — So much for yes or no. McCain’s “maybe” was the perfect response on that one. And we heard the audience on that one.
  • 10.17 pm — For an interesting view on the debate, check out Intrade’s tracking page for the debate.
  • 10.13 pm — Whelp, it’s official Brokaw should just get up and leave at this point.
  • 10.11 pm — Twitter looks to be down from the traffic
  • 10.03 pm — I want a doctrine! The Bernius Doctrine…
  • 10.00 pm — Ok, Brokaw is absolutely toothless.
  • 9.54 pm — I wonder if the audience is miked? McCain, whose cracked more jokes so far… But if there isn’t the sound of chuckles from the audience, it just sounds like the jokes are dying on the floor.
  • 9.49 pm — Brokaw really needs to start cutting these guys off…
  • 9.37 pm — Ballston Spa NY — Central NY Represents!
  • 9.29 pm — Interesting production note — is it me or are both candidates wearing lapel mics? If so then why the hand helds? Are they even on? Or is it just for the look?
  • 9.27 pm — The Hack the Vote live twittering is lagging way too far behind the debate. It’s interesting, especially since there’s a healthy amount of tweets from both sides of the aisle. But I think I’ve seen enough… let’s try some live blogging…

While it doesn’t take Florida into account I can’t wait for the speeches to see how close they were.

I can’t say how enthused I am about the election and the “collective kick in the butt” it’s giving us as a nation. Of course if they don’t resolve things soon the media blitz will probably shoot us as a country right past action and into the waiting hands of apathy.

Also I’m disappointed in all of this coverage that no one has made a ha-do that Mel Carnahan won the senate seat in Missouri. Only in America can the dead vote and hold office. *Cringe* Sorry for the tasteless of that comment. If someone dies in office there is a run off to figure out who will take his or her seat (see Sony Bono). However if someone dies and wins an election the governor of the state, not the people choose the person to sit in their place. Isn’t that remotely disturbing?

Oh yeah what hasn’t been disturbing so far? Isn’t it great? ;-)

… at least according to CNN and I have to marvel at this election. It’s a bittersweet mix. I had really hoped that the Green Party might have raised enough votes to bring another potential 3rd party into the mix. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be. I’m rather depressed at the late vote switching that was going on. There’s a great Chinese phrase “Eat Bitter”; it’s the concept that one must be able to endure pain to accomplish a task. If people are truly committed to the idea of a multi party system, they need to be prepared to endure pain for it to come to pass.

This entire Florida situation is amazing. To think that after being told by mainstream media that people were at an apathetic peak, we would be shown such a lesson in the power of the voter. I’d like to think that this could help rekindle a spark of hope. If not in the political system at least in the role of the individual in the selection of government offices.

As for the political system, I can’t ring myself to believe that the closeness of this race is because the country has become so internally divided. Personally I chalk it up to the sad lack of choices in candidate. Which to start a circular argument goes back to the two party system that has a grip on this country. See above :-P

Experiencing my first online election is fascinating! As I’ve been working on getting this page up I’ve been tuning into What a brave new world that has such things in it…