bingeing and purging

Today was garbage day. Lately, I’ve been on a cleaning kick and when I got home last night I knew that I needed to tackle an area of the apartment and throw out a ton of stuff. And I had already made the decision about what needed to go first…

My target: Magazines.

Have you ever been called by one of those magazine services? I was, and since my head tends to resemble a large purple lollypop (mmmm… sucker), I said “Sure, I’d love to receive lots of magazines.” And lo, they started to arrive (there’s more to the story than that, but I’ll save that for another blog). So let me describe the magazine situation in mathematics terms:

Lots of incoming magazines + pack rat = lots of piles of magazines

I knew I had a lot. I didn’t realize how many. So I threw all of them down from the loft and their other hiding places into the main area and started to go through them at 6.00pm (I’ll be posting the pictures of this). I’d quickly scan through each, clip any good articles, and then throw them out. Well I decided to keep count of my progress. Five hours and 188 magazines later(!) I gave up. There’s about 40 or so left, but I was starting to hallucinate from fumes from all of the cologne samples. The mix of mental exhaustion, stinky chemical attacks, and YM! (please, please don’t ask about why I get YM!) was something that was not ment for this earth. Thanksfully Di dragged me away from ground zero and played some Cure to help rid me of the O-Town/Brittney effects.

Side note 1: On the plus side I found a couple keepers (including an Internet World from 1994 talking about how great Mosaic was).

Side note 2: While working on ridding myself of the paper menace a telemarketer called selling *guess what*? Magazines!!! She was really nice and we chatted for a while. I learned how the mailing label on a magazine shows how long your subscription will run. Sadly, I discovered I’ll be getting Yahoo Internet Life until I’m 41. I informed her I wouldn’t be renewing after that.