winding up the Karma wheel

last night at Martial Arts I managed to wind my Karma Wheel in a bad way. I serving as the dummy for Coach James, helping demo a kicking drill. My job was just to feed him a round kick and then go for the “ride” (so to speak). He would block/catch the kick with his leg and set me down, then kick me. The reason we were doing this was to help answer another students question. Me, trying to be overly helpful, attempted while this was going on to reproduce the problem the student had (in that he was setting his partner’s feet to close together out of the block). So I throw a good kick, Coach blocks and starts to set my foot down. At which point I decide that I’ll guide my foot closer to set up the situation. Coach wasn’t expecting that and next thing I know I’ve swept him in front of the class. Bad move #1 grasshopper. *crank* *crank* *crank*

He’s surprised, I’m surprised. So jokingly, I retreat behind another student to “hide.” What I missed doing was helping him back up. Bad move #2. *crank* *crank* *crank* Thankfully coach approached the entire situation with his usual intense good mood (he decided that it’s a great move and another training drill). I on the other hand was mortified and embarrassed. Not only because it was a bonehead mistake on my part, but it’s a bad example to set in front of the class. So needless to say it’s only a matter of time before the Karma Wheel swings back and catches me full in the face…

Otherwise things are going well. Apartment cleaning feast is continuing. I should have pictures from the Martial Arts seminar up soon and finally get to the theatre page. Plus I’m seeing Godzilla tonight and taking in my friend Tony DJin’… more on that later.

Random fact #19823: During the spell check for this I discovered Godzilla is in the MS Word spell check dictionary!