Just a couple of quick things:

  • Palm Situation – I just bought a Palm iiic on e-bay. So I’m entering the world of color. Actually I’m more excited about having a hand held with 8mb of memory. I may still get a replacement screen for the cracked Palm
  • Rubber Fest 01 – Tomorrow night at the Dryden Theatre at the Eastman House we’re going to see Destroy All Monsters. Mmmm monster wrestling… what? oh… I can understand how Rubber Fest might have been misinterpreted
  • BobbinsSluggy Freelance got mentioned on blog which has been hijacked by Aaron. Sluggy is one of the best web comics out there. Bobbins is another one. Created in the UK, part of its appeal is seeing aspects of 80’s pop culture (The A-Team, Rocky, Transformers, ect) creep into it since we (folks in the US) often think that is only part of our experience. Plus it well drawn and gives me my daily dose of Brit slang.