Just another manic Monday..

Di and I had quite the packed weekend. Friday, we had originally planned to go to the local $1 theatre to see Moulin Rouge. However fate and friends were against that plan and we ended up going to see American Pie 2. Never was a sequel so unnecessary and yet so good. It had the same “gross out” qualities as the first. But it also had more heart and more truth as well. I had went in with low expectations and ended up being pleasantly surprised. Plus, I’ve come to the conclusion that just about anything with Eugene Levy in it is going to be good.

Saturday we both got our hair cut at Kim & Novak’s. Then we headed over to the George Eastman House. I often forget how much Eastman impresses me. He was an extremely progressive thinker for the time. In fact sometimes I wonder what his reaction would be to the way that his company(and my employer) is run today (but that is the subject of another blog). After that it was off to an Indian Dinner and then to finally take in Moulin Rouge. I really enjoyed the film, but couldn’t shake comparing Baz Luhrmann the director, with Oscar Wilde (that’ll be the subject of another blog).

Sunday was a day of cleaning. I scrubbed through a bunch of pictures from the Super Summer’s weekend and will have a page of them up by tomorrow on the RMA site. I also scrubbed (or at lease mopped the floor), picked up the bedroom and continued my war on magazines (the count is now at 232! and rising). We wrapped up the day visiting out friends Peter and Virginia for dinner. Peter teaches theatre arts at RIT and one of my co-conspirators in the Exact Theatre company. We shared the usual evening of conversation, debate and a bad movie. Virginia, Peter’s wife, like me is a fan of schlock movies. Our selection form last night was a 60’s Mexican ditty called “Ship of Monsters.” It involved among other things a futuristic swimsuit wearing female aliens, cheezy monsters, a robot that strangely resembled Bender from Futurama who was in love with a jukebox, and a singing Mexican cowboy for a hero. In Spanish with no subtitles, it was a great viewing experience.

in other news

  • Jenny’s Blog has been hijacked by Aaron. CNN is expected to start coverage with cool graphics at any time.
  • Tina is in LA and ODin’ on Jamba Juice.
  • The small city of Jamestown NY has been scandalized by it’s deputy mayor’s blog. (or something like that)