Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

Last night a number of us (Abby, Andy, Jenny and Aaron, Tina, and Joel and Hannah) went to the holiday open house on Park Ave. All the little shops on Park Ave were giving away free food and holiday cheer. There were carolers and people in costume for the kids. But most importantly there were roasted chestnuts. All my life I’ve wanted to try them. I vividly remember the smell of them being cooked by vendors on street corners when my family used to go into Manhattan at Christmas time. But I’d never been able to try them. Last night I got my chance. $2.00 and a bunch of junior high level “nut” jokes later, I got my first taste of chestnuts. They were far softer and chewier than I expected (typically roast nuts are kinda crunchy), but I enjoyed them a lot.

lack of segue

George Harrison died yesterday. I knew he wasn’t doing to well but the news came somewhat as a shock. Two down, two to go; and why do I have the strange feeling that Ringo will survive them all? I wish I had a copy of “While my guitar gently weeps” at work.

in other news

Of course I know what all of you are thinking: “Screw this talk of holiday cheer and dead Beatles Matt! Where’s the latest makeover???!!!” Well, good reader, there are two today:

From Jenny:

click for a larger version
Jenny writes:
Here is my suggestion for your makeover… A short sort of spikey cut. Keep the blond… but with some darker hightlights. My inspiration was British Ford model “Francis”. They say “He has a look that evokes a privileged British aristocrat from

the 1930’s, yet at the same time he is totally modern.” So you could wear cool tweedy argyly things with a black trench coat over them. Prince William with an edge.

and the newly employed Cindy sent:

Cindy writes:
Purge the hell out of your clothes. Get it down to 6 good pairs of pants and 10 shirts or so. Save a really nice suit. Get some really cool pants. But get rid of all the older stuff. It will be much easier to maintain, clean, and select what you are going to wear. I think you should focus in on J. Crew. You should go for a cool and adventuresome look. Get rid of anything that looks folksy. Also, try to strive for solid colors and don’t purchase prints anymore.

umm, Cindy, it’s going to take more than a hair cut to pull off that look…

Keep those pictures comin’