almost back to the ordinary world

I’ve been pretty remiss on updates as of late. A big reason for that is that I stepped back and realized that I’m involved in a lot of stuff. I mean that I’m really involved in a lot. Probably over my head. Which I’ve known for a while, but didn’t want to officially acknowledge. Or when I did, it was usually in a fit of depression when I’d think “I’m never going to be able to handle all of this.” Thankfully those moods don’t last too long. But in the end I was still left with a ton of stuff to do.

So I’ve been working to organize and prioritize my life. To decide what’s important to me and what do I need to focus on. The great news is I’m just about there. I’ve been kickin’ butt at work, really crankin’ through some un-fun stuff I had over my head. So once I’m through that I’ll have more time to blog. The same is true for my life outside of work, but that needs a bit more work right now.

Matt Look Update: I was supposed to get my new glasses today, but (grumble grumble) they don’t have the sunglasses attachments in yet. I’m not getting a hair cut until I get the glasses and really digest how they look on me so I can make a final do decision.