ozzy’s playin’ on MP3… I’m ready to blog

yeah, ozzy-bite-the-head-off-live-bats-moon-the-audience-self-medicating-osborne is playing right now (I’ve got pretty eclectic music tastes). My computer at work has been packed with over 30+ hours of MP3 goodness. So on days like today I just set the player on random and never know what’s going to pop up next (its “Road to Nowhere” btw).

Any hoo, for some reason the last update didn’t make it to the site (even though blogger is showing that it published the site… weird huh?). Hopefully it’ll push this time. Check down below for it.

Things are starting to come together on a bunch of projects. Scott (my downstairs housemate) and I are in full Mardi Gras swing. I’m not sure where we’re going to fit all these people. Things with the Exact Theatre Company are starting to pick up. I’ve all but nailed down the first of two performance spaces and will be landing (Guns and Roses November Rain… hmm Mister WinAmp is in the big hair stadium hard rock mood today) the other next week. Even though we still have to steal space from RIT, rehearsals are going well. Thankfully steps are being taken to legitimize our relationship with them.

Martial Arts… well, I had a frustrating night yesterday. I was zoning for most of the evening. And I seem to have 42 little, compounding problems with everything I do. So needless to say I’m feeling like a klutz right now. A klutz that can bang out a lot of pushups, but a klutz none the less. The good news is that I’ve scheduled a lot more time at home for practicing. That should help a lot. And I’ve gone through these periods before.

My brother Glenn is flying up from Raleigh NC to visit me on Saturday. I’m pretty psyched about that. But I just wish I had more down time (something I haven’t had since Christmas). I mean I still have Christmas presents to wrap and mail. :-P Bleh! And the apartment could really use some tiding up. But that’s always the case.