matt in the morning

We were up at 6.00am this morning. Four hours of sleep at best. Bleary eyed we headed out to RIT and a morning of renegade radio. Glenn, my brother, was the GM of WITR and was looking to re-live some memories. So he and I tag teamed the 7-00am to 9.00am shift. This was my first time doing a music shift. I have been on national radio a number of times talking about Digital Cameras, but like everyone, I’ve always wanted to do a leetle DJin’. I have a lot more respect for folks who can do a smooth mike break now…

Glenn has been up in Rah-cha-cha since Saturday. We’ve had a lot of fun so far. Mainly eating our way through town as Glenn demanded to get his fill of local food before he headed back. He’s heading back at 6.30 today :-(.

Oh, new look 2001 progress is under way. Perhaps as soon as Wednesday there might be a “new me” hanging around.