wasn’t there some guy who occasionally updated this blog?

Well, the new site is mostly up. I’m still trying to figure out how to get PHP running here so I can use the user feedback Heather sent me. I also didn’t realize that when I formatted my computer late last year I didn’t reinstall Dreamweaver or Homesite. So editing the layout the page has been a pain (especially because I want to revamp it to take advantage of the extra disk space I now have). I haven’t really touched HTML is about a year so trying to make small changes to the layout has been a constant frustration. But that’s what this weekend can be for I guess.

Otherwise life has been pretty good. The apartment is cleaner than usual. The last two rehearsals for the Ives production went really well. I’ve got one heck of a skinned knuckle from working a punching bag, which is good believe it or not. I’ve also managed to get up early the last couple of days to practice some kung fu before work. If I can manage to keep that up it will be a major coup for me!

Mardi Gras party is next weekend and things are starting to pull together for that as well. My sorta new look is in place (more on that in a future blog). And I’ve been hanging out on the top of Kodak Tower. Again, more on that in the near future. That’s it for now… I have to order some beads for the party!