meet lil’ matt

Yea! Thanks to Jenny I have a cool cartoon version of myself! Everyone, meet lil’ Matt (he’s a lovable scamp, just like me). lil’ Matt, meet everyone. Other than being really self indulgent, our new friend is going to serve a purpose on this blog. I’ve got a lot of great stories about my past adventures (that can translate as “stupid things I’ve done”). When ever you see lil’ Matt on the blog, he’ll be here to share one of those tales.

In other news, my brain has been ruined by pop culture. I’d like to formally request that everyone stop referring to Valentines Day as “V-Day.” In today’s world V-Day is a very different, ummm, celebration(? I guess) and conjures up things I’d prefer not to associate with Valentines Day. As for my Valentines Day, it wasn’t too bad. I got a lot accomplished at work. Made some progress on this web page and the left over dishes from the party. And then ended the evening in the most masculine way possible: red wine, long bath, and good book.

author’s note #1: God, I’m such a chick at times. Yes it was a bubble bath. Vanilla scented, thank you. No I didn’t buy the Bubble Bath myself, it was a gift…. Grrr… Ok, for the rest of the month all the posts are going to be about red meat, martial arts, sweat, blood, cars, knives, guns, and sex, sex, sex in hopes of regaining some semblance of male pride.

author’s note #2: Sorry for making you good readers think of me naked (agghh! I did it again). My goal on zee blog is to entertain not nausiate. From here on all discussions of me in baths (agghh! again with the pain) are right out. Unless of course you want to hear more…