Happy Valentines Day

make your own heart

In honor of today I thought I’d share some wisdom I’ve gleaned throughout the years. So here are Matt’s Three Rules Of Men and Relationships (or at least the three rules of relationships and me… though I know that they apply to other folks as well):

  1. While in a relationship every woman you meet wants you and is totally obtainable.

    example: Your walking down the street with your girlfriend. You spy a fine lookin’ woman and you think “ohhh yeah! She wants me. I could get her. But of course I won’t because I have this wonderful girl on my arm….”

  2. Once out of a relationship women become these scary animals that travel in packs.

    example: A week later, after breaking up with your girlfriend you spy that same woman. Except now she’s surrounded by a group of friends and for some reason far more intimidating then when you last saw her. And everything about her that said “I want you, you big hunk on manliness” now says “don’t even think about it…”

  3. The universe/God/gods/fate/Buddah/karma have a sick sense of humor that ensures that you will only stumble into love when you have given up all hope and have stopped looking. It’s also important to note that even if you internalize this, those same entities (in what ever for you choose) also know when you’re faking giving it all up and will send nothing your way. It’s just a cruel fact of life.

In other news: great martial arts class last night, I HATE UPS, and there is a new MP3 available to the left. I have more stuff to blog about than time to blog. Hopefully I’ll catch up soon.