monday, monday

I don’t get spam e-mailers. I work up this morning to find all of my accounts bombarded by credit-check, get rich quick, and sex site e-mails. The funny part is not a single one of these e-mail’s subject lines suggested their contents. There wasn’t even a half hearted attempt like: subj: Matt, here’s the information you requested…. Instead it was stuff like the following from “Crissy”: subj: I’ve changed my address. May be it’s me, but I don’t get the thought process behind this. Like I’m supposed to think:

oh look, my friend Crissy has decided to move without telling me. Wait a minuteā€¦ I don’t have a friend Crissy. But she’s decided to move and is sending me the information. *opens e-mail* Oh, my new friend Crissy (and she must be my friend because she sent a nude picture of herself) hasn’t moved in the real world. But she’s got a new website! That I can visit! For only $19.95 a minute! That’s both a relief and a deal. Now where is my wallet…

Do these people get any bites from these random e-mails? Have you ever bought something from one of these?

The Gorillaz concert Saturday night in Toronto was fascinating and at the same time utterly unfulfilling. The band performed behind a translucent curtain that had a multimedia slide projection show on it. Above them hung a huge screen that had a video show projected on it. The show was short (lasting only an hour or so) and devoid of any of the typically concert interaction cues (thanks to having the band behind a curtain). There was no single point of focus and one couldn’t tell what was happening on stage. The band had almost no interaction with the audience (thanks to the screen). In fact, it took the crowd about two minutes to realize that they left the stage (probably one of the reasons there was no encore… a concert first for me). As for the videos, my hope was we were going to get videos of the cartoon versions of the Gorillaz playing the concert. Nope. Instead we got loops and patterns. No attempt was made to relate them to the show. Which was too bad., and a major missed opportunity. I’m still very happy that I went to see the show. I just wished it had been another weekend because I had to miss some fun goings on here in Rochester.

In other news, I’m scheduling a hair cut this week and I’m going to do something radical. I’m not completely sure what yet. But I think this will be part 2 of the makeover (only about a month and a half late). Oh, and a new MP3 will go up tomorrow. Any preference? I have a couple choices… wacky or more serious or just bad?

btw, Jenny I just tried the colorgenics and have to put in the vote that it’s a bunch of hooie. Mine made no sense (not even in those vauge fortune telling terms). I think I could get better results from Ms Cleo.