odds and ends

to escape work for a moment or two I finally took time to catch up on everyone’s blogs. Here are my comments:

  • Heather just redesigned her blog. Very Cool (plus she lists me as a hero blog)!
  • Tina made a comment about finding a website about TV shows Jumping the Shark (to understand the reference check out Tina’s site or jumptheshark.com). That website (and its being recently features on lots of radio/tv shows) made the term famous (which many claim caused jumptheshark to jump the shark). However Tina’s blog is as fresh as ever (no sign of a shark there)!
  • Kristen updated her blog! yea!
  • Joel registered hannahandhersisters.com (which I’ve added to my links!)
  • Drink me!

    Which drink are you?

  • Julia, Aaron was going to direct the wedding (including hiring actors to play us so the pictures would look good) and play the voice of God (who would deliver the vows). The solid gold dancers were for the reception. I’m tellin’ ya babe, you missed out.

a rock ’em sock ’em update

Last night my new gloves and focus mitts came in. Yea! Now I get to play in all the reindeer games during the Shootfighting class! I can pound on Aaron again! Watch out.

In other news, the apartment is pretty clean for the Mardi Gras Party this weekend. I went on the first shopping run and will start cooking officially tonight (although I did mix spices last night). I have decided to drop Crawfish off the party menu. It was just too expensive to drop ship them at this time of year. Also I’m trying to cook much smarter this year so I’m not burnt out halfway through the party.

There’s a new and very cheesy MP3 available to your left. I think I’ll put some better stuff up next week.