some days you got it. some days you…

Rochester got about four inches of snow last night (which suddenly made me thing of the album “six inches of snow” and now bad reggae is stuck in my head thanks to that) and I got my butt kicked in class. It was a great way for Sifu to send home the fact that I don’t currently have a strong enough root/impart enough intention into my techniques; all of which I needed to be reminded of (plus after the last few classes I might have been getting a little too big for my britches). Still I would have prefer a less ego-deflating lesson. Either that or I just need to work on getting rid of my ego.

Ok, I just checked the insta poll. I’m psyched that I had 9 people respond so far (which confirms that the audience of my page is at least as big UPN’s)! Of course 33% or 3 people didn’t know that I’ve been postings MP3’s. Folks, no offense but it’s right above the survey. Not to hard to find. Check out the current Shonen Knife goodness!

Tina is back from the Olympics and meeting Steve Young! Thankfully Chuck was with her at the time and kept her in line. ;-)

Finally, my blog goal for the evening is to try to get comments up and running tonight. So perhaps by tomorrow I’ll have a way for folks to respond.