busy, busy

This isn’t going to be a proper update ’cause life is way to crazy right now. Things have blown up (in good ways) with exact theatre company. To your left is the first draft of our poster for our first production. It needs a lot of work: it’s too dark, too busy, and the titles won’t be in Courier. But it’s a start (I did most of the work on it last night). The final will be done before the end of the week. We also just received work today that the Rochester Arts Council will act as our financial sponsor. While this isn’t direct financial support, this is the best news we could get at this point. Thanks to this we are now a non-profit organization under their umbrella. So we can finally start to begin our development work. Up until this point we were holding off because we wanted to ensure that any donations people made would be tax deductible! Phew!

Other bits and peices:

– if you want to check out that Star Wars trailer I talked about yesterday you need to copy and paste the following URL:


apparently the site doesn’t like direct links to the trailer… I dunno. Thanks Di for spottin that.

– Another good martial arts class last night. Now if I could just remember to do scissors takedowns when I manage to get myself in to the right position. It’s unusually a case of two moves later I suddenly think “Hey… I couldda done something cool back there…” And as we all know martial arts are really about being able to do cool things.

– After a lot of requests, here’s a bigger picture of the new hair. I’ve also linked the picture in the post below to this one. If you still want a bigger picture… tough. You’ll have to see it in person.

– Hopefully I’ll have more time to write tomorrow (including a follow up on the creativity posting & saying hi to some cool people linking to my site [you know who you are… hi!]).