bloggers: be immortalized as a pixilated cartoon character

R. Stevens creator of Diesel Sweeties is looking for a web blogger to add to an upcoming storyline in his strip. So if you’ve ever wanted to be in the funnies, drop him a note. Perhaps you can guest star with the Red Robot! On second thought, don’t enter and it might increase my chances. Yeah right, stupid head Wil Wheaton will probably win out! *Grumble Grumble* Damn that Wil Wheaton, he’s always one step ahead of me!!!!

A crew, a crew, my kingdom for a crew!

And I don’t mean of the “2-Live” variety. We still don’t have enough crew for the show. Trying not to panic too much about this. If you know anyone in Rochester who would be interested drop me a note!

On the plus side, we stand the set today/tomorrow. Now on the negative side, we’re officially a week away from opening night (ok… trying not to puke in the office). Actually, I’ve passed the panic point and now I’m at grim acceptance. The show isn’t going to be bad. It isn’t going to be what I hoped for, but that leaves room for improvement. And I’ve learned a lot from the process. And that’s all good. I’m looking forward to seeing it all together and I’m looking forward to getting my live back as well.