small bits of my life

We got 75% of the set built over the weekend. As usual we’re behind where I want us to be. This has been a valuable experience for me. I’ve learned

  • I can fit $450 worth of lumber into the back of my truck
  • How to build flats
  • How to operate a circular saw. Watch out Aaron, I’ll be a master wood worker yet!
  • How not to move a hung door (one broken frame later, I also know how to move a hung door)

A bunch of folks from the Martial Arts school went to The Combat Zone: a new biweekly mixed Martial Arts Tourney here in town. We had a couple friends who were competing and we wanted to be there to cheer them on. I expect it’s only a matter of time before our school has some entries in it (probably not me, but who knows). For the most part there were a lot of good matches. The two big injuries of the night were a dislocated shoulder and a broken nose. Considering there were 15 matches, that was pretty good.

The next two weeks are going to be crazy for me. So don’t expect too many updates in days to come.

Day’s to opening night: 11

Rehearsals before opening night: 9

….(every time I see that I think I’m going to be sick).

…… to my friends and other who might be considering it: No April Fool’s Jokes PLEASE! My theatre addled mental state just can survive them right now.