My new wheels rock

I love the Outback. It’s pretty bare bones (with the exception of a CD player and the Cold Weather Package… mmm, heated seat!) but it still rocks! I’m so excited to be driving a standard again (plus it was cheaper!). Did I mention its red? Pictures are coming (it was pouring yesterday… but that’s another story that I need more time to write about)!

In the mean time I have found a totally addictive website. First there was Hot or Not (which my brother appeared on… wearing a shirt that read “Bikini Inspector” USA Glenn, USA), then there was Groovy Bootie, and now there is What is Better. Basically you get two items and have to decide which is better. One of my first pairs was “The A-Team Van” and “J. S. Bach.” Guess which one I voted for. Currently the Top 10 list of the best things on the site is:

1. Einstein

2. Natalie Portman

3. Christina Ricci Wet

4. Alyson Hannigan (<--- yea!) 5. Milla Jovovich 6. Alyson Hannigan (<--- yea!) 7. Angel 8. Star Wars 9. Kirsten Dunst 10. The Simpsons There's no nudity, so the pages are work safe. I do have to question the taste of the people on the site listing Alyson lower than "I've-got-a-giant-head" Christina Ricci (I guess I shouldn't complain since she is on there twice and me-ow! those are WOW pictures of her!.... Hmmm I wonder what she thinks of Outbacks)