last night we pulled off a small coup here in the city. When I say we, I mean Don and myself (and in the greater sense The Exact Theatre Co). In conjunction with the Arts and Cultural Council for Greater Rochester, we gathered all the major theatre players here in town for a group meeting. This included Geva, our Equity theatre.

At the end it was agreed that we (everyone at the meeting) would work to form a collaborative organization to promote the theatre arts in Rochester NY! How much does that rock???!!! Plus we made a ton of great contacts!

Also a number of people at the meeting knew who we were. That was kinda weird. Including having the Artistic Director of Geva comment on our decision to stage the Balcony. Needless to say, it’s also kinda scary and now I know that we need to stage a killer production of it. Now that we have a “name” we need to live up to it.