yesterday I cared

really. Myself and other’ers participated in the United Way’s day of caring. I found myself reliving Boy Scout camp memories as we all helped prepare a Summer Camp located on Lake Ontario prepare to open. The camp, Fish-something-or-other, is a place for city kids from 6-10 years old can go to experience nature and do other summer camp type things. My fellow care’ers and I planted flowers, pulled weeds, and swept the “barn.” We had the option to do KP (that’s kitchen duty for all you uninitiated), but I turned it down. If I can’t do my own dishes, there is no chance in hell I’m doing them for others (even if it’s a good cause).


Or Korean Pop Culture. The phrase come from “J-Pop” (Japanese Pop Culture). Where the phrase J Pop comes from, I have no idea. But it’s been around for a while and is used to describe all of the elements of Japanese Culture that have seeped into our mainstream. A great example is Anime. Any hoo, it seems that the “J-Pop” thing is dying out and the next hot trend is “K-Pop.” And in honor of that, and in an attempt to be hip, I present you some 110% fun K-Pro: Pucca:Funny Love. These anime styled flash movies are the continual story of Pucca, a little girl, whose only desire is to kiss Garu, antisocial boy ninja. Of course Garu wants nothing to do with this and does his best to avoid her, often with his cat Miro. Some of the cartoons are short and others like this one are practically epic. So check out some of the Pucca goodness (I dare ya to say that three times fast at the workplace).