messages captured in the past

though this posting is going up on Tuesday, it was written on Monday night in Dulles Airport outside of Washington DC. I was in the nation’s capital at a meeting with the National Parks Organization. This group is a private and publicly funded group that works with the National Parks Service to help people experience. The meeting was with a number of their proud partners (read as: corporate donors) to pick our brains about improving their website. As you might guess, I represented It’s been one of those down-and-back-in-one-day days. I left the house at 6.00am and won’t be getting back until close to midnight.

But it was also a useful day. I’ve been struggling with “what I want to do when I grow up.” As of late I’ve been evaluating my current career path and wondering if is the right thing for me. I had a great time today providing strategic planning and advice. I only hope I wasn’t too vocal. But this is the type of work that I think I want to do in the future. And that should be enough to light a fire under my rapidly enlarging butt to start looking at grad schools.

in other news

Being out of town, I missed the callbacks for The Balcony, the next exact theatre show. Thankfully, I’m acting as the Artistic Director for this production, so my presence wasn’t required. Still I would like to have been there. That being said, through the wonders of digital technology, I’ve already talked with Chris, the director, and Don, our managing director, and things went well. And that’s all good. This will be our first production with people outside of the core group. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

And, thanks to travel arrangements, I also missed Martial Arts. Bleh. I have my shootfighting test on Wednesday. I jus hope my cardio is up to it. I have a feeling I’m going to be pummeled that night. But I also know that I’ll get through it. And that means that I’ll be starting to work on my grappling skills again. Woo hoo, more rolling around with sweaty guys! Oops…. I don’t think that was a sharing thought.

Finally, Heather, the ofoto album of the trip should finally be up by tomorrow (umm tonight… Tuesday) evening.