credit where it’s due

Check out Heather’s newly redesigned blog, it totally rocks! Just don’t refer to it a… she’s kinda touchy ’bout that.

On a slightly different note, this is something that you gotta see. I don’t watch much tv (‘specially late night), but I do know about Triumph the Insult Comic Dog from the Conan O’Brien show. Any hoo in crusing blogs this morning I came across this quicktime video clip: Triumph at the Episode II opening in NYC. It’s big (23 mb), but if you’ve got broadband and haven’t seen it already it’s soooo worth the download. ‘Specially if you need a pick me up or if you have even a little geek in you.

Once you’re done, check out Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, Duke of Talisker — New York City’s first and only Unofficial Wizard homepage (you’ll recognize him from the video)… The fact he posted his personal D&D stat’s says more than I could ever hope to… no the stats aren’t for a role playing character, for himself. Really. Check it out.

Oh, the Beth Orton concert rocked. She’s pretty cute in an androgenous-chrissie-hynde-sorta way.