Well, its 5.53pm and I’m still at work. So blogging probably isn’t a great idea if I want to get out of here soon. But I just needed to take a break from the mindless spreadsheet work that I’m doing.

San Diego was a great trip. It gave me a lot of time to clear my head on a lot of things. Plus it was one of those where I was able to turn something negative into a positive. For the first two days and the final day that I was in Cali I was supposed to be staying with another friend going out for the wedding. Unfortunately that friend got sick at the last moment and had to cancel out. When they did that they also cancelled all their hotel reservations and car rentals. So the day before the trip I found out that I didn’t have a car or place to stay. So I arrived in San Diego without having anything planned. Of course it’s a big city and it was easy to find everything I needed. But there is something refreshing about being dropped into the middle of nowhere (or at least the middle of a city) and having to fend for yourself. The experience served as a great reminder that I can do that.

As for this weekend, tomorrow I head for Washington DC to take in a Beth Orton concert. I really shouldn’t be spending the money (at the time I booked this I wasn’t expecting to have bought the car). But this will just have to be the last of my lavish trips for a while.