Hmm… Midnight… I continue my streak of late night postings. My body’s pretty tired so I’m hoping that I’m about to crash. I didn’t work out too hard this evening. In fact I spent most of the night cleaning and talking to friends and catching up on buffy… [note: there will no long, slightly disturbing, stalkerish rants about a certain actress who shall go nameless. I have to admit that it’s kinda unsightly to do while dating. Thank you, Tina for bringing up my obsession at lunch last week.]). Anyway I think part of my non-sleepiness is due to working out too much (for what that is worth).

Speaking of working out and Kung Fu, check out The Kwoon. Basically inside of every martial artist is a ham waiting to make it big on the big screen. These guys have produced some movies that can best be described as “Bad Acting | Good Kung Fu” (actually they’re pretty frank about that up front). The acting is atrocious, the jokes lame, but the cinematography is actually rather good. And the Kung Fu (in this case mainly Hun Gar) is very good. It’s silly fun. Extra points to the person who knows what “Kwoon” means.