oh my achin’ body

Last night was a great martial arts night. I banged from roughly 5.30pm – almost 10.00pm. Part of the fun was I got to learn more of the broad sword form. But more importantly also was able to employ a few things I’ve been working on while sparring (that’s empty hand sparring… we’re not going after each other with broad swords… not yet at least). Some days its really easy to forget how far I’ve come since I started with Sifu Mark. But yesterday I could just feel it. I was able to intergrate stuff that I couldn’t do even a few months ago. And that’s a great feeling. When ever you can acknowledge progress do it! It just helps with so much.

Right now the house smells like cookies. I’m finishing off my entries in kodak.com’s Cookiepolooza. These should have been done last night, but I ended up going back to work after I got out of class and staying there far too late. Oh well. I’ll be in by 10.00am and I’m planning on staying late again today.