Lately at it seems like we’ve been getting spammed worse than ever. Now most of the subject lines come across as junk like:

subject: ultiiate odeology dval yt

But every now and then one really stands out. Here are a collection of some of the most recent standouts:

subject: REPLY FW: fades away existing stretch marks

This one was sent by “Meg_Ryan”. Not only do I remember requesting information about my stretch marks, but I would think Meg Ryan would have better things to do with her time. The again after Kate & Leopold and Proof of Life, she might not.

subject: Auction Education –>E B A Y< -- ethnic joke

Wow, learn to use E-Bay and tell Polish jokes at the same time… how could I pass this one up

subject: Christmas is near, order your contact lens early

I got this one in early April

subject: Transform your rod into a monster

subject: EXTEND your meat pole

A two for one…. Actually I just found the phrase “meat pole” funny. *snicker*

subject: Feeling tire all the time?

Not since the bus rolled off of me

And last but not least, my favorite:

subject: Jon dropped his load on my Bernius

Somehow I think that their personalization software isn’t working quite right. Either way this one made me feel more than a bit dirty when I read it. I really hope that I was the only person who received this one

…meat pole… *snicker*