Well so much for staying on schedule. I’ll be back to it soon I hope. I’ve still had more going on than I’ve been prepared for. But as far as today’s post title, last night I recertified for my second rank (current level) in Kung Fu. For various reasons, before you can test for a new level you must recertify for all of your previous levels. Pat, a fellow student, tested along side of me (this was his first second rank test).

The test was approximately three hours. It roughly devided into an hour of self defense and sparring, an hour of techniques, and then an hour of form work and verbal questioning. I didn’t do as well as I would have liked. The upside is that I know exactly where my weak points are. And since I’m testing in less than a month for my Third Level, that’s going to be really useful. Once I have achieved my third level, its just two more ranks and I’ll finally have my teaching certification.

While that’s still a long way off, it feels closer than ever before.