I thought I had it all under control. I really did. Then my syllabus finally arrived for “Language and Culture.” All 27 pages of it. Oh man. This is supposed to be a killer course in both content and its effect on the students. But I wasn’t prepared for:

Giglioli, LaSC: *Hymes (21-44); !Goffman (61-66).

Blount, LcaS: Hymes (248-82, esp. 255-69)

Silverstein & Urban, NHD: 1-17.

Duranti & Goodwin, RC: Goodwin & Duranti (1-42).

Goffman, Erving. The interaction order. American Sociological Review 48.1-17 (1983).

*Lyons, LS: ch. 1; ch.2, sec. 2.0-2.1; ch.9, sec. 9.0-9.3.

Lee, TH: Intro; !ch. 1 (1-39).

!Bauman, Richard & Briggs, Charles. Poetics and performance as critical perspectives on language and social life. Annual Review of Anthropology 19.59-88 (1990).

That’s for this week. Part of that is due for class today. Which starts in about an hour and a half. Less actually. I’m off to read.

For those counting I did a quick tally and it’s easily over 200 pages of dense material. Welcome to the Social Sciences boot camp Matt.