how things change

My class for the day is cancelled. At RIT this would usually be cause for elation. Now I’m really worried. Chicago, like RIT (the Rochester Institute of Technology), is a quarter system school. I only have ten weeks of courses. Enthnography, the course in question, only meets once a week. So if it isn’t rescheduled, I miss one tenth of my ethnographic education. As the title suggests, things change.

This weekend was a strange mix of good and bad. On Sunday a shelf collapsed in my apartment, causing a huge mess and a lot of distraction. On Monday, while closing a stuck window, I impaled my right palm on a obelisk type knick knack that on the sill. But on the positive side, I reconnected via phone with some old friends, I met some new friends at a martial arts event, and caught Supersize me, which I enjoyed quite a bit.

Oh and I tried Giorgdano’s Deep Dish Pizza. I can’t remember if Tina like them or Gino’s pizza. Oh and I have seen Jamba Juices, but none have been in Hyde Park so I have yet to buy one.