I’m trying to type up and ethnography of a meal that I conducted last night. And it’s like pulling teeth. Grrr… this shouldn’t be so hard. The problem is nothing really happened. Which is to be expected as life isn’t always dramatic. Argueably this is one of the many things that sparates journalism from anthropology. However, you still in the back of your mind hope for an “ah ha” moment where you reach some deep and resounding understanding of the universe. That just didn’t happen.

As to where did we go for dinner? Check it out:

Chinatown! And it was really yummy. Unfortunately I can’t disclose who went with me because of Institutional Review Board issues. Because of releases I have to secure for my class I have to protect their identities.

Speaking of identities, you might not recognize me. Since returning from my short trip to Rocester a few weeks ago I haven’t shaved. Heck folks are luck I’ve been showering with my current work load. So here is my current look. The beard is going bye-bye tomorrow.

Scary huh?