This may be old news. I came across a cool little web ap that has a Gojira (that Godzilla for all you round eyes) style monster do battle with tanks and planes with your web page as a backdrop.

For example

Give it a shot, append you’re favorite web address (including the “http://”) to this url:

In other news, I’m fighting a cold. Student Health has informed me that it’s a virus and I just have to wait it out. The problem is that it’s reeking havoc with both my sleeping patterns and concentration. Neither I can afford to screw with. On the plus side, if nothing else, it’s allowed me to catch up on some reading for pleasure. Since text books typically require too much focus, they’re not the best solution for sleepless nights. Instead I’ve been working on my backlog of other books. I just finished Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. My goal is to start a book log here when I have a moment so I can keep track of what I’ve read.