I’ve passed the halfway point. The chime of midnight, this past Friday, marked the official halfway point of the MAPSS program. Approximately 15 weeks down. 15 more to go. This has caused its share of hyperventilating. Still, if there is anything that I’ve learned, it’s when the going gets tough, the tough go upstairs and listen to Bon Jovi1.

I will present my thesis proposal this Thursday. So, within the next few days I’ll publish my abstract to the blog. Hopefully this will clarify all the webcamming.

Here’s other news in brief:

  • I thought Zatôichi is a great film. Conversely I was underwhelmed by Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence.
  • Ossie Davis died. I’m planning on watching Bubbah Ho Tep, which strangely didn’t make onto his CV in his obits, as a tribute.
  • Went to an awesome Cultural Arts Center/Bar/Performing Space on Friday night called The Hot House. If you’re in Chicago and enjoy Latin/World Music/Afro Pop you need to check this place out.

1– This is an inside joke that only three readers of this blog are going to get. But they are three very important readers.