Above is all one needs to recast their thesis.



I’m out of the webcam business. For a variety of reasons I have given up on that as a thesis topic. Primarily I don’t see the research as having much application. The text and video interface isn’t going to be with us for much longer. Once voice becomes widely available, its going to profoundly change the interaction rituals on camera. That means that my research would have a pretty limited shelf life. While it might say something about this little snapshot in time of webcam interaction, it won’t have a lot of application going forward.

And my family breaths a collective sigh of relief as I’m no longer working on hot sexy webcams.

Instead I’ll be looking into bots: AI programs that are programmed to act human. My interest in bots is an outgrowth of my webcam research. During that time I encountered a number of them while spending time in YahooChat rooms. So right now I’m pulling a new thesis proposal and refocusing my research. Which leads me to that other blog I mentioned a few days ago.

If you’re interested in following my research, I’ll be posting my public fieldnotes on that second blog: headnotes.

In other news, make sure you check out the new Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Internet Trailer. It’s far far better than the one currently running in theatres.