This past Friday was full of lots of ups and downs. To begin with, we ran out data collection for Social Psychology. For our experiment, we conducted 48 interviews. All of our participants were recruited from the Reynolds Club, the closest thing to a Student Union, here on campus.

This is my group: Andrea, Shewta, Eric.

This is one of the essays that we had people read. The crucial thing in all of this is the picture. Some had Jordan (this rather punky picture), others had Irene (more conservative) and some had no picture.

Here I am with my researcher face on.

48 surveys… Rock On! Of course now its time for data entry… bleh

On the downside, I had my car vandalized. Some jerk bashed in my driver’s window. Strangely nothing was stolen. Even more strangely I would have felt better if something was. Having an item stolen would have provided me with a sense that there was a purpose to the attack on my poor Subaru. Thankfully I was able to get the window fixed on Saturday. Here’s a shot of the car-nage