Here’s a more information. As I said, Drea experienced a Lupus Flare. This entailed painful intestinal swelling that prevent her from eating or holding down food. The response is to aggressively treat this with steroids. The problem was that she was tapered too fast off of her steroids. So while she was feeling great on Saturday, on Sunday, because she was on a reduced dosage, her symptoms returned. And because it was a weekend, it took until Monday to get the Doctors orders to increase the dosage. All of this left her feeling very defeated and weak.

Thankfully, we’ve turned a corner. Using a combination of Western Biomedicine and Holistic treatments her strength has increased and her mood has improved. Hopefully she will be coming home on Thursday.

Unfortunately, I’m not much further along on writing. The chances of a summer graduation are becoming more and more distant. I’m still writing and revising ideas. So perhaps it will work out. Only time will tell.

For MAPSSer’s, if I don’t graduate, I’ll probably still drive out to wish you all well and celebrate.