Drea comes home in a few hours. Which is wonderful. This stay was far longer and more demoralizing than the previous one, though she comes home far more healthy. Its funny how that works.

I terminated my leave of absence at Kodak today. It was a tough decision, but necessary for a number of reasons. It didn’t appear that any positions would open up (currently they’re only posting for 16 external jobs here in Rochester). And after news of the latest round of layoffs, I really had to question if that was an environment that I wished to return to. It’s bittersweet. I’m going to miss not getting back to seeing kodak.com’ers each day. However, we’ll still have tacos… hows next Tuesday?

And I’ve offically moved my Chicago graduation to December. Its a disapointment, but I need to do more research and reading to write the thesis I want to write. And at this point, I’d rather get it right then get it done. So perhaps, at the end of it, I’ll even understand Bourdieu.