Before anything else, a big thanks to my brother Paul for pointing me to this phenominal blog entry. I’m sure that it’s either already huge or about to be huge.

  • A direct English translation of the the Chinese translation of Revenge of the Sith. It reminds me of a running futurist idea from Phillip K. Dick’s Intergalactic Pot Healer.

    I also managed to make it into the local 20/30something paper: The Insider, there’s a shot of myself and Damir from Auragen at a Digital Rochester networking event.

    Speaking of photos, yesterday I went for tacos with the folks. LJC and I decided to take pictures of each other as our cameras are similiar models. What can I say, once the Kodak yellow gets into your blood, it doesn’t get out. Either way, here’s my half of the pair:

    Ok enough with the posting and back to the social sciences work.