Today, from 4.00pm to ~5.15pm, in room 1400, in building 7a, I taught my first class. I won’t discuss the specifics of any class, especially since it is most likely an issue of when, not if, my students find this blog.

However, I will say that I wasn’t ready. It went fine. I didn’t run out of material. We covered everything I wanted to cover. Still, I wasn’t ready. And I knew I wouldn’t be ready, nor could I ever have been completely ready. But knowing it and living it are always two different things.

I expect that one day I’ll look back on today with a smile. Its the first step into a brave new world. But for right now, all I want to do is rework everything that I have planned and reread everything I will be teaching. I’m hoping this feeling goes away soon.

Either way, I’m done with lectures until Wednesday.