I’m really starting to make progress on getting my day-to-day life under control. There have been a number of great opportunities that have recently come my way. Unfortunately, each of them has required a “drop everything you’re doing right now” type of attention to take advantage of them. The latest example was a grant opportunity for the OPL from HP Labs. It’s a chance to get some great funding for our work (which is good). It also requires that I shift my attention from helping our summer co-ops with their research (which is bad).

Thankfully Dre and I haven’t been letting these type of upheavals compromise our wellness work. We’re avoiding going out to eat, are trying to eat more veggies, and even have begun running in the morning. I’m even finding myself kinda, sorta, liking running in the morning. Weird.

We’re also spending time getting the house ready for Rita Mae. We’ve been spending the last few days shopping for doggie supplies and Dre’s already enrolled her in obedience courses. We’re still trying to figure out how the cats are going to react to the new member of the household. We’ve asked, but as you can see from this picture, we only seem to get one response…

quote Lilah the Cat 'No Comment'

Quoth Lilah the Cat "No Comment"