not to much to say toda…

…probably because the day has just begun. Last night’s Kung Fu work out was a good one; I’ve got lots of sore muscles. I have two more submissions to share. After that I’m out for the moment :-(. So if you’re working on something please get it in soon, otherwise I’m really going to have to come up with things to write about!

today’s first entry is from Abby:

For Matt’s new look, he should wear dark solid color sweaters and knits that are close to the body. This will emphasize all the grueling work-outs he endures. Also I think black frame rectangular glasses would look great on him. The beard I added, just because I think beards are sexy. He would look great clean-shaven as well. The hair is really funky…I think he might have to dye his hair dark and then braid it to achieve this look. Kinda grunge meets prep style.

I’m not sure if I could ever grow that beard
the second entry is from Squibnocket (who’s page I finally added to my links section):

i had a little fun today. dickens of a time finding a head-on shot, but this one just struck me as SO completely not you. and yet i forged on… i personally recommend the GQ look below. go shorter. but if you wanted to know how you’d look as fabio, here you go!

wow… I khan’t bee-leave eets nhat budd-ahh (note to reader: that was my bad fabio impression) … (note to
Jenny: see I managed to tell a butter joke without mentioning you :-P).