broken record

so it just really occurred to me that my blogs as of late have sounded a bit like a broken record. I think anyone whose kept up with it for even a little while could write an entry:

I’m busy. The play is crazy, but moving forward. Martial arts is going well, but not too well. Obsess about Hair and Alyson Hannigan.

actually I haven’t obsessed over her in a while. Note to self: remember to write a stalker worthy blog sometime.…

This repetition is a pretty good indicator that I don’t have much of a life right now. I do have a bunch of stuff that I’m saving to share until I have time to work on the site. Hopefully that will be soon (if I ever get home before 11.30pm or so).

As the Falcon Flys

the falcon soap opera continues. Yesterday the new boy in town (whose been nicknamed “mail man” by the folks here at presented a dead bird (read as “food”) to Mariah (our unfaithful momma falcon). This is an important aspect of falcon mating. Basically the male is proving he can provide, as the female can’t hunt while incubating the eggs and watching the hatchlings. Deadbeat dad’s don’t get any in the falcon world. Here’s it happening…

This also officially kicked off the “carnage cam.” By the end of the nesting we’ll have watch lots of pigeons, chickadees, swallows and other small birds consumed on camera. Seriously, when you go up on the walk, you see bird bones everywhere. On the plus side we have a lot less pigeons (winged rats) around Kodak tower.